The best way to get buy bitcoin using your Credit Card is by creating an account in the world's most secure and popular cryptocurrency exchange 

1. Make sure you have enough balance on your Coinbase wallet.

2. While logged in on your account, please head to "My Profile". Then, head to "Cashier" on the left menu.

3. Click on "Make a deposit" and select the "Cryptos" tab.

4. Click on Bitcoin, the top-left option. Keep in mind you will need to input your deposit amount afterward.

5. After typing the deposit amount and clicking on "Next" a window will pop up, with a message saying "Transaction is currently pending". Here, you'll need to copy and paste the 'ADDRESS' section EXACTLY to your coinbase when trying to send funds.

6. Your coinbase will ask for an address to send the funds to, here is where you will be pasting the address given to you from NewVegas at the pop-up window mentioned above.

7. After your transaction is done, make sure to copy/paste the hash/tx ID from your transaction history on Coinbase to the on-duty agent. This way, we'll be able to fund the fees sucessfully.

TIP: To copy/paste just select a message with your mouse and right click on Copy/Paste or just CTRL + C (to copy) or CTRL + V (to paste).

In case of needing further assistance, our live chat agents will offer immediate help.


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